Hot & Cold

It was your birthday,

And I didn’t care


That’s not fair

I hated the fact that I did care

You were supposed to be the one I would never fall in love with

I was Dean,

You were Mary Lou,

Or Camille,

Or Inez……

You see the trend here?

We were like the waters

Always either hot or cold

Hot water, somebody left the burner on.

Ice cold, freeze me with a look.


It was your birthday,

I was staying up late to call you at 12.

Not because you asked me to,

I mean sure,

You asked me

But I wanted to.

And can you really blame me for being hurt that day

We went from “You should call me on my birthday”


Everything about me irks you in the worst way

Hot and Cold,

That’s why I never let the waters in.

I’d rather keep all of my stuff dry.


It’s said that there exists the perfect water temperature

So comfortable to the human body that if you were to float in it

The barriers between where you end and the water begins become blurry.

If I were to let these waters come rushing in,

As I cease to be

Everything in the room would become one,

My things,

Your things,

Our things?

My arms

Your legs,

This couch

That bed.


Or maybe something like it

It wouldn’t matter,

Just float.

But once you touch perfect water for just a second.

Everything else is just

Hot and Cold.

That’s why I never let the waters in.