Numbers, numbers, numbers.

Everything is numbers for me now,

Days, minutes, dollar signs.

Wins, losses, potential

Five, ten, twenty, zero

I open my eyes in the morning,

Check the numbers.

Do I work today?

What time?

Check the numbers.


I see calories, fat, carbs, grams of sodium.

Dollars that I’m eating, or will have to eat.

Numbers, numbers, numbers.

My free time,

All accounted for in numbers.

Time is money

Money is freedom

Freedom is my passion,

But it all comes back to numbers.


Numbers lost on the left

Numbers I’m chasing on the right

I sit in the middle

Counting like a man who knows nothing else.

When did existence become a six digit figure?

Run away from them,

Never speak of them again

I’ve tried so hard to forget them.

But even the steps I take as I flee